About Us

Back in 2012, head trainer Jeanette dreamt of a place that people could go and exercise, learn about nutrition and to feel comfortable in a community of people just like themselves. From this dream, The SweatShop Fitness and Nutrition was born.

With a passion for health and fitness, and an inherent need to help as many people as possible to live their healthiest life, Jeanette went about seeking as much experience and knowledge as she could from trying different training modalities, and experimenting with different diets and nutrition protocols. She set up a gym in her garage and began helping all those who sought her assistance.

Now, in 2020, The SweatShop Fitness and Nutrition has grown to have 4 trainers, and moved to a new facility located on Melverton Drive, in Hallam, in a dedicated 550 sq facility. Rain, hail or shine, there’s no excuse not to workout.

We built this community with the thought that anyone and everyone from all walks of life can be included and catered for.

We have a diverse range of coaches who all have unique specialities, meaning that we can cater to a larger population on the communilty. Our coaches genuinely care about YOUR personal goals, and work hard to help to reach your potential.

Between us we have tried just about every diet and fitness fad out there, so we have the knowledge to assist with all types of nutrition and fitness needs. We have the tools to help you eat better, train better and think more clear about what lifestyle is best for you.

Our Process

We start by sitting with you and going over your goals, hopes and desires. From there we will help you put together a plan that will best serve your needs to assist you to reach your goals. We do regular check ins and updates to your goal plan to ensure you are always striving for better and better.

We use a combination of exercise specifically proven to accelerate your metabolism and scientifically backed dietary advice to help you get you sustainable results.

Our workouts are always different, fun, dynamic and guaranteed to get your heart racing, without the risk of injury.

All workouts can be scaled up or down for all fitness levels. So, whether you’re just starting out or already an elite athlete, you’ll always leave feeling energised.

We specialise in helping you achieve what you once thought was impossible.

WHY do we work so tirelessly to help you? Your success is our success, and we love to see YOU win. No matter how big or small your wins seem, we will celebrate them all with you!