After starting with TSS I felt more energetic and refreshed. It’s such a wonderful and caring environment with coaches who motivate and support you to be the best version of you and get the result you want.
Paige English
Before starting at The Sweatshop I was not ready to accept the fact I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle. I felt horrible and sick but didn’t realise it. Once I started my health and fitness journey, I had so much more energy for uni and work, my skin cleared up and I have the tools and education to give my body what it needs. The TSS community is 100% the reason I keep coming back time and time again. I was a little scared to start because I had never been to a gym and I had no idea how to exercise, but it is the most supportive group and the coaches made me feel really understood and comfortable with my fitness goals. I would recommend it to people because its a really supportive environment. It’s tough don’t get me wrong, I get pushed to my limit, but in the best way possible. I'm just really loving the journey I’m on at the moment with my fitness and nutrition, and I have Jeanette to thank for that!!
Lauryn Coyle
I came to TSS with a health condition that impacts my cardio endurance. It causes me to get very tired during any high cardio sessions, and I felt this would make me feel less capable than others in the class, but every class is tailored to my individual needs and I feel like I can do anything any one else is doing. The Sweatshop Fitness and Nutrition has great coaches and provides great workouts and nutrition information tailored to me. The community is also fantastic and it is the best money I spend on myself as I feel really good after each class and i am really happy with the results I’m getting.
Bianca Voronov
I like the Sweatshop Fitness and Nutrition because of the variety in group classes. The community is full of such a diverse group of people. The coaches take time to get to know you and to teach you proper technique with exercises. All the classes are fun, the coaches are friendly and each session is full of energy!
Melissa Ewe
When I started at The Sweatshop Fitness and Nutrition, I finally found something that was time for me. Not being mum, work, cleaning, organising others, it is my time to focus on me and I have found it such a good way to relieve stress. I never thought I would become so addicted to pushing myself and I’ve never felt so competitive (with myself) since before I was a mum. As when I become a mum everything was for the kids and not working on my goals. The thing that sets The Sweatshop Fitness and Nutrition apart from the experience that I have had with other gyms is that, the training is a great combination of cardio and weights and is scaled for all levels and gives you so much room to get better and better. The community at TSS are so welcoming and talk to each other. It is not just a place to go and exercise; you can go and make friends, talk about your day and just enjoy everyone’s company. All the coaches are so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and they each are so willing to share their knowledge to get you the best results! With my own journey my friends and family have seen me get fitter and stronger and so dedicated to my training because I love where I train and how I am trained. I love the training style that is taught at TSS and the constant support given. There is all ages and all levels of fitness between the members but we all feel equal which is amazing.
Kyra Bockisch